We will pay cash for any house!

 Buying houses is our business, we offer solutions to anyone with a house they no longer wish to own, and we have been helping people since 2012.

We make offers in cash on an as-is basis.  That means, no repairs, no closing costs, no commissions, no hassles!

Do you need to move quickly? We can close in as little as 7 days!

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Treating everyone with honesty, respect, and professionalism is very important to us, and they are the values we have built our business on.  We sincerely appreciate your consideration and the opportunity to work with you. 

- Derek & Heather Sperzel



 "Obsessive attention to details, quality and value. Never short cuts, always 'done the right way.' Organized, professional, smart, honest, committed to a lifetime of homeowner satisfaction. I recommend Sperzel Properties without hesitation, or reservation!"

- Matt Williams, Matt William Group


"As a seller of a property, I was very impressed with Derek and his team's professionalism and timeliness. Within hours of contacting Derek, he had done a walk through of our property and expressed interest. This was when it was a - 30 degree windchill outside and most people were hunkered down inside! Within a couple of weeks we had closed on the sale. Communication was frequent and thorough throughout the whole process. If you have a fixer upper property that you want or need to sell, I highly suggest contacting Sperzel Properties."

- Tyler Jeffries

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We pay cash for houses

Charlestown, Indiana, United States